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The best wines to have with fish

3rd December 2018

When it’s done well, there’s probably nothing quite like a good piece of fish, either done at home or when…

How to: The perfect Margarita cocktail

Cocktails – when done right there’s nothing better. Meeting friends? Yep. Birthday party? Oh yes. Entertaining friends? It’s a must….

Our Brand New Winter Menu

8th November 2018

Award winning ‘Restaurant of the Year’, Masons Restaurant Bar, is delighted to release a brand new winter menu which is…

How to: The perfect Martini

19th October 2018

It’s a quintessentially classic cocktail, but although it may seem simple on the outside, the martini can be a tricky…

The best wines to have with chicken and poultry

Is there anything more satisfying, and indeed delicious, than sitting down to a glorious roast dinner on a Sunday with…

6 telltale signs you’re a foodie

19th September 2018

A foodie is defined as someone who has a refined interest in food. They don’t just eat food out of…

The best wines to have with steak

9th September 2018

Everyone knows that red wine and steak go hand-in-hand like the best of friends. So much so, does it even…

Top 5 healthiest foods people should eat (but probably don’t)

24th August 2018

We all try to be healthy. And we all know that there are certain foods out there that are much…

How to make the perfect G&T

19th August 2018

There is very little in this world as refreshing as a perfectly made gin and tonic. Whether it’s on a…

Sunday Roast

13th August 2018

Join us at Masons for our Sunday roast with a choice of Roasted Sirloin, £14.50 and Roasted Chicken Supreme,£12.50. Both dishes…

How to: The perfect Bramble

25th July 2018

A classic British cocktail. Simple, crisp and refreshing. The Bramble perfectly balances sweet and sour flavours to create something so…

Who needs alcohol? 5 of the best mocktail recipes

It’s true what they say; you really don’t need alcohol to have fun. Whether you’re teetotal, expecting a little bundle…

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